Legal Expenses

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  • Wide cover for any breach of tenancy agreement
  • Cover is provided for up to £50,000
  • Paperless application and immediate cover
  • 24 hour legal and tax advice help line
  • Covers legal costs incurred in tenant disputes
  • Premiums only £35.00 per annum

Legal Expenses 

Landlords legal expenses insurance is to protect a landlord against problems which can occur with tenants, illegal occupants and evictions. It also protects recovery of rent arrears, recovering costs associated with malicious damage, or neglect by tenant.

It is important to remember that legal expenses insurance is different from rent guarantee insurance. This means that you are not covered by the loss of rent which may occur in any of these circumstances.

There are certain types of evidence which you will need to present in order to be eligible for legal expenses insurance.

Such as-

  • A signed tenancy agreement.
  • Two forms of identification from the tenant, one of which must contain a clear photograph.
  • Proof of the tenant’s employment.
  • A credit check.
  • A full tenant reference performed by an approved referencing company.

There are tenant referencing services which will have to reference each tenant. This also includes referencing from any guarantors involved in the tenancy agreement. Before the property can be occupied the tenant must sign a short-hold tenancy agreement and you should collect the deposit and a month’s rent in advance beforehand. You must also keep a record of all rent due and all rent paid.