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Flat Insurance

Flat insurance is an umbrella term used to describe a wide range of cover for:

  •         People who live in a flat (the leaseholder);
  •         Landlords who own the flat/s (the freeholder);
  •         Landlords who own blocks of flats;
  •         Flats which are undergoing renovation or are unoccupied.

Flat insurance for people who live in a flat

If you are a leaseholder, then it is your responsibility to ensure that you have appropriate home contents insurance to protect your possessions against loss, theft or damage.

It is the responsibility of the owner of the flat to make sure that the buildings are covered – so, the walls and any communal areas of the property.

A grey area, however, is the cover of fixtures and fittings. These are things within your flat such as a fitted kitchen or wardrobe – basically, anything that is fixed to a wall or floor. Damage to or loss of these is generally not covered by your home contents insurance – therefore, you need to make sure that the freeholder’s buildings insurance also covers the fixtures and fittings. You can ask for sight of their policy to check.

Owners of flats  / blocks of flats 

Your flat insurance not only needs to cover the structure of the building against loss or damage and other risks, but also the communal areas such as hallways etc. There should also be an element of landlords liability insurance too, to protect you against any claims of negligence.

Unlike some other insurance providers, our blocks of flat insurance policies also cover the leaseholder’s fixtures and fittings too – giving your flats all-round protection.

We have a number of policy options whether you own one block of flats, or several property types which you wish to insure under a block insurance policy.

Flats undergoing renovation or which are unoccupied

Blocks of flats undergoing renovation and  / or which are unoccupied are typically not covered by your basic buildings insurance. This is because of the increased risks. For example, an empty property is more likely to attract malicious damage. Plus, something like a small leak, which would get noticed when the property is occupied, could cause extensive damage in a short while if it goes unnoticed.

Also, for properties undergoing renovation, there is likely to be expensive builder’s equipment on-site as well as building materials, increasing the risk of break-ins and theft.