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Up to 35% no claims discount for careful landlords

Cover available for property undergoing renovation

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  • Save up to 30% on your renewal premium
  • Up to £20k free contents cover available
  • Many tenant types acceptable
  • 25% multi building discount available
  • Greatest buy to let deals available
  • Up to 13 weeks cover for vacant properties


Free Contents Insurance Offers

  • Canopius Managing Agents Limited: £5,000 free cover is restricted to carpets, curtains white goods
  • AXA: Free £25,000 communal contents insurance
  • Zurich Commercial: Free £25,000 communal contents insurance
  • Please note* Not all of our providers offer free contents insurance

Landlords content insurance. Check out our free contents insurance offers

If you property is being rented out then it is inevitably at risk. Some of these risks will relate specifically to things such as fixtures, fittings and contents it is highly unlikely that even the best tenant will look after your landlords contents as well as you would. If you would like to see these things protected by insurance then you perhaps should be checking to ensure that you have an appropriate landlord’s insurance policy.

The reason you may wish to check this is that as a landlord your property suffers certain risks and exposures that generally do not apply to an owner occupier.

  • Owner Occupiers do not steal their own furniture
  • Unless you have children throwing wild parties it is unlikely you will suffer vandalism or malicious damage to your contents.
  • Minor problems such as leaks from a washing machine or bath can spiral out of control in let properties causing significant damage.
  • In your own home you know who the guests are and who is invited to stay over in a rented property you do not.

With adequate vetting you can ensure that you get good tenants the majority of the time however evens the most experienced landlord’s end up with bad tenants.This is where landlords content insurance and landlords legal insurance comes in. As the name suggests, it is tailored specifically for landlords and covers perils not normally found in standard home insurance.


Do you need it?

Well, only you can say for sure but it may pay to remember:

  • Blocks of flats require cover for communal contents some of our policies offer this for free
  • Some blocks of flats insurance policies do not cover fixtures & fittings such as kitchens & bathrooms.
  • You may hold a deposit but it may not cover the cost of repairs or replacement.

Most people do not realize this so it is worth stating that ordinary home contents insurance will not meet the needs of the landlord. Although a lot of people may not realise it, the moment you rent out your property even if only for a short-term holiday let you have become a commercial landlord. If you do not inform your home insurer immediately this will invalidate your home insurance policy. In the event of a claim this means that you are not covered.

Landlord’s contents insurance can not stop your contents being stolen or damaged but it does mean that you are protected from the financial pain that will follow on when you need to replace them.

UKinsuranceNET are specialist providers of landlords insurance, we operate on the Internet providing a range of policies including ones that give free landlords contents insurance. It could be a good idea to have a quick look; it may save you a lot of money in the future!