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Finding the best landlord insurance is the most important thing to consider when looking at insurance.  However what does “best” mean? To some, best means the cheapest landlord cover, whereas to others it may mean the policy that offers the most comprehensive protection.

We are all individuals and have our own unique insurance needs, hence why what is the best landlord insurance for you may be different to what is the best cover for another landlord.

So cheapest isn’t always the best?

While your bank balance may say that “best” means cheapest, there is another factor you need to consider beyond getting a cheap premium – namely, does the policy provide the most appropriate cover for your own individual circumstances?

UKinsuranceNET suggests that what is best for you may not be best for some one else, so you need to look at price and features before choosing a product.

Does it provide adequate cover?

Do you know what you are buying? Are you selecting the product on features too?  For example, there are a number of financial risks associated with landlord insurance, which you may not have faced as a homeowner.

Home insurance is not the same thing and landlord insurance could typically cover for risks such as:

  • liability claims from tenants and their guests due to accidents;
  • missed rent payments;
  • tenant property damage;
  • cover during unoccupied periods;
  • loss of damage due to theft.

Making sure you have the most suitable cover for your investment property is something you can do using our online landlord insurance quote system.

Why bother?

You may also think “I don’t need insurance as the tenant will take out insurance when they move in”.  Now while they might take out tenants contents insurance, you as the landlord have the legal obligation to take out insurance to cover the buildings and other financial risk elements as laid out previously.

Why choose us?

Here at UKinsuranceNET, we have been insuring landlords since 2001

If you are trying to find the best landlord insurance for your needs, you do need to look beyond the price.  Simply choosing a low premium may mean that when you need your insurance the most, i.e. in the event of a claim, you may find out you are not actually covered. 

And in the long term that will cost you much, much more …

We have covered tens of thousands of landlords over the years and we ensure that when you are looking for the best landlord insurance, you get the most suitable product for your own individual circumstances.