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The Complete Tenants List



  • Have regular gas inspections.
  • Call 0800 111 999 if you smell gas and think you have a gas leak.

Fire Safety

Fire/Smoke Alarms

  • Working correctly.
  • In correct places.
  • Have an extinguisher or fire blanket


  • Create emergency evacuation plan.
  • Don’t block exits.


  • Don’t leave naked flames unattended.
  • Put cigarettes out properly.
  • Take care when cooking with hot oil. 59% of fires are cooking related.
  • Keep clothing away from heating appliances.
  • Clean lint from behind the tumble dryer.



  • Have secure locks on all the property doors.
  • Keep keys safe.
  • Have spares cut and keep with friend or relative in case of loss or being locked out.
  • Change the locks if you lose your keys.


  • Keep window locks on when leaving your home.
  • Ensure they are secure.


  • Have working burglar alarms.
  • Remember to put the alarm on when you leave the property.
  • Consider window alarms.


  • You may want to consider installing cameras to protect your property and possibly vehicles.



  • Insulate pipes to stop them freezing and expanding.
  • Check for cracks or leaks in pipes.
  • Insulate any holes for telephone cables or other wires to stop the cold freezing interior pipes.


  • Unblock any drains and keep them clear.
  • Make sure the bath and sinks are draining properly and the toilet is flushing correctly.


  • Ensure you know how to use the boiler and timer.
  • Have a regular boiler inspection.
  • Check that it is always working correctly.
  • Make sure the hot water is running.
  • Bleed radiators.

Pest Control

  • Don’t leave food out over night.
  • Dispose rubbish in proper bin liners and bins.


  • Keep areas clear from clutter and rubbish.
  • Ensure the house is kept clean and windows are clear.
  • Report any repairs to your landlord.

Weather Conditions

Autumn- Winter

  • Check that the roof is not leaking and there are no loose or missing tiles.
  • Make sure the external walls are not cracked or letting in water.
  • Keep an eye on flooding drains.
  • Unblock pipes and drains.
  • Make sure gates and fences are secure.
  • Are the chimney stacks, guttering and weather boards secure?
  • Clear leaves from garden and drains.

Spring- Summer

  • Check that any weeds in the garden aren't invasive.
  • Remove plants like Ivy to avoid damaging brickwork.
  • Have the underground pipes gotten any cracks due to expansion?
  • Is there any building work being done near these pipes?
  • Use the weather to your advantage to get any external repairs complete. Including painting and decorating.


Keeping up on these jobs is important to making your home safe and stopping any future problems. Make regular checks on any kitchen appliances which could make a big impact if they break.

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