Tenant Contents Insurance

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  • Protection against fire, theft and flood, with optional cover for accidental damage
  • Family cover for you, your partner and any family members living with you permanently
  • New for Old Cover
  • Theft and Malicious Damage cover
  • Contents within outbuildings
  • Up to 25% no claims discount for careful landlords.

Tenants Contents Insurance

If you have just moved in to a rented property, then having just paid your rent, deposit and other fees, you may feel that the need to get contents insurance is low on your list.

Or, you may think that because your landlord has landlords insurance, your possessions are covered under his policy. This is typically not the case.

It may make sense to put in to place specific tenant contents insurance.

Optional Extra Cover Extensions:

  • Personal Possessions Cover
  • Pedal Cycle Cover
  • Money and Credit Card Cover
  • Valuables Cover

Won’t home contents insurance do?

Although a conventional home contents policy will give a basic degree of cover, it is not specifically designed for tenants and there can be some major gaps in the cover you require in order to have the most appropriate protection.

With homeowner contents insurance, often the minimum sum you can insure for will be far in excess of what the tenant needs, typically a minimum of £10,000 - £12,000.

We have a number of cost-effective tenants contents insurance policies that tick all the boxes in terms of the type and level of protection provided, and at wallet-friendly price.

The facts speak for themselves ..

Recent studies have shown that only 1 - 20 tenants have any contents cover at all.

There are countless examples of tenants who have experienced a loss through, burglary, fire, flood or other insured peril, which has damaged their contents and have been horrified to discover the landlord has not insured their personal possessions.

They have been left with the cost of replacing the items themselves.

Any items a tenant takes into the property, then it is their responsibility to insure these items.

If you think that your possessions are not worth insuring, then create an inventory and list everything, and its replacement value, on a sheet. Include clothes, DVDs, electronic items as well as anything else you own.  Once you have totted up the value, you may be surprised just how much it could cost to replace all your possessions in the event they suffered loss, damage or complete destruction.

That is why insuring your contents may be worth considering.

What does the cover include?

While policy features and benefits vary depending on the provider, most tenant contents policies will give an option for basic cover which can usually be extended to cover high risk personal items which are taken outside the home, on holiday or Worldwide i.e. cameras, sports equipment, clothes, jewellery etc.

In certain high-risk inner city post codes there will usually be a requirement to have minimum-security locks on doors and accessible windows, so make sure you understand what your obligations are when getting tenant’s cover.

Should you require a quote or further information on insuring your contents while living in a rented property, please do not hesitate to get in touch. We will be more than happy to help.