Commercial Property Insurance FAQ's

This kind of insurance is for properties which are used by businesses. These include non- profit organisations, manufacturers, retailers and service- oriented businesses. The policies which we provide are to protect against natural disaster, theft and fire. 

This policy must cover you for at least £5 million to protect you in the event of a problem regarding someone in relation to your property management. 

30 days is on average the length which a quote is valid for. 

In the event that you are liable for the bodily injury or death of a person on your property, Property Owners Liability Insurance can protect the losses you may endure. This does not include employees. 

You may need liability insurance if you:

  • Have visitors to your place of business
  • You or your employees regularly work off site
  • Offer advice or services for a fee
  • Aren't legally protected by union membership
  • Employ or supervise people

You can check this through Mortgage Valuation Reports or Surveyors Reports. 

You can have surveyors valuate your property and it's rebuild cost. Alternatively if you took our a buy to let mortgage, your mortgage lender should have already had this done.

If you want your property to be covered in the event that somebody with political or religious views purposely carries out an act to damage or harm your property you should take out terrorism cover. 

As an insurance broker, we work with a panel of insurers to bring you the best possible quote for your circumstances. These include some of the best insurance companies in the UK such as AXA and Zurich. 

If the property is let to a 3rd party who trades a commercial business, you can be covered by Property Owners Insurance.  

We can provide tailored policies to suit your needs and circumstances. 

This would mean that the property is unoccupied and you would need to update your policy to an unoccupied property policy until the premises has tenants in again. We have a a range of insurance policies to suit these circumstances. 

A property built of brick or concrete and roofed with slates, tiles, metal, concrete or sheets or slabs composed entirely of incombustible mineral ingredients and plastic roof lights.

Constructed of materials other than those detailed in the definition standard construction.

Business interruption insurance provides cover if you lose money as a result of not being able to trade. This could be due to stock or equipment being stolen, damaged or destroyed. It also covers any additional costs you have to pay out to get your business back up and running. 

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