Insurer Profiles

We offer insurance from some of the leading insurer companies in the world.

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ABC Insurance

ABC Insurance’s company focuses on building strong relationships with insurance brokers. Their products and services are created to help brokers meet the individual needs of their customers.

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Ageas remains one of the relatively few British insurers offering its products entirely through brokers. Landlord and home insurance is included amongst the company’s business insurance products.

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With such a long and illustrious history in the protection of buildings and their contents against fire, Aviva continue to offer a product that is purpose-designed for residential property.

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Establishing the UK name AXA Insurance in 1999, the name AXA was chosen because it is one readily spoken in a number of European languages, reflecting the group's operations throughout Western Europe.

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Canopius is a brand name for Canopius Managing Agents Limited who are one of the top ten managing agents at Lloyd’s writing premiums in excess of £1 billion.

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Covea Insurance

Following the merger of three British insurance companies MMA Insurance, Provident Insurance and Gateway Insurance. In 2012 Provident, MMA Insurance and Gateway Insurance all combined to form Covéa.

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E Underwriting is a division of a parent MGA, OIM Underwriting, which also underwrites and settles claims on behalf of Lloyd’s underwriters and insurers.

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International Insurance Company of Hannover Limited

Included in the company's single risk business are property and engineering insurance policies, where the emphasis is on improving business exposure to risk and preventing loss or damage.

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Lexelle Limited

Lexelle is a relatively young company, established in 1996 and trading as an insurance wholesaler. Focused on direct business to insurers, it has since developed a network of brokers.

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Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society Limited

Selling its products directly to customers and through a network of independent financial advisers and brokers, Liverpool Victoria is in the business of general insurance.

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Lloyd's of London

Lloyd’s provides the market in which groups of individual underwriting members operate, who provide the capital support that underpins the risks the syndicate underwrites.

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NIG Insurance

In the case of NIG, the company has been associated with some of the leading names in the country's financial services sector, such as the Royal Bank of Scotland, Direct Line, Churchill and Green Flag

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