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Unoccupied Property Insurance

A standard home insurance policy is not suitable for a domestic property that is unoccupied. Many of the valued features of home insurance or landlords insurance would be invalid if the property were left unoccupied for a significant period.

Most owner occupied and landlords insurance policies have a specified period after which cover is reduced should the property remain unoccupied; typically this is 30-60 days. For a property that is to remain unoccupied an Unoccupied Property insurance policy would be necessary.

If your property is only to be unoccupied for a short period then a home insurance policy or landlords insurance could still be suitable. UKinsurancenet Zurich Landlords insurance policy allows the property to be unoccupied for a period of 90 days before a reduction of cover applies. This is longer than many other policies and provides greater peace of mind where a property is to remain untenanted for a short period.

As with most other property owners insurance there are different cover options available:-

  • Buildings Insurance.
  • Contents Insurance.
  • Public Liability Insurance for Buildings.
  • Public Liability Insurance for Contents.

If the property is used for any commercial purposes this will again require a different policy. Standard commercial buildings insurance would not be suitable for a property that will remain unoccupied for any length of time. A specialist unoccupied commercial property insurance would need to be put in place. A residential unoccupied property insurance policy would also be unsuitable as a commercial property would be an unacceptable risk to insurers.

If you have any queries about your requirements please do not hesitate to contact one of our advisors.